Our San Diego Boat Charter Offers Delicious Party Platters


One of the many catering services options we offer at Aolani Catamaran Sailing includes various party platters, each crafted with care and the freshest ingredients. Please take the time to review what we currently offer and contact our San Diego boat charter if you have any additional questions.


Items Serves Price

Vegetable Platter – Carrots, broccoli florets, asparagus spears, red peppers, yellow peppers, peppercorn ranch dip.

16 – 18 Guests $34.00

Turkey Roller Platter –
Approximately 40-48 pieces of turkey, swiss, lettuce, tomato, and cranberry cream cheese wrapped in pita bread.
18 – 24 Guests $52.00

Sandwich Platter –
 Ham, turkey, cheddar cheese, imported Swiss, provolone cheese, Dijon, cracked mustard, and bread.
16 – 18 Guests $56.00

Shrimp Platter – 
Cooked shrimp with lemon wedges and red cocktail sauce.
18 – 24 Guests $80.00

Caesar Salad
  Platter – Fresh caesar salad.
8 – 12 Guests $28.00

Fruit Salad Platter – 
Fresh fruits and salad.
8 -12 Guests $20.00

Fruit & Cheese Platter – 
Assorted fresh fruits & cheese.
Per Person $7.00 Per Person

Salmon Platter –
Smoked salmon with onion, capers, and crackers.
Per person $12.00 Per Person

Gourmet Sandwiches – Turkey, chicken, beef, & ham.
Per person $10.00 Per Person


Please note that there will be a 7.75% California tax on food & beverages