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How many guests can the Aolani accommodate for a corporate event?2024-03-12T17:55:04+00:00

Our catamaran can comfortably accommodate up to 48 passengers. However, if you have more than 48 guests, we can add an additional catamaran to accommodate up to 98 guests, allowing your group to sail alongside each other in ultimate comfort and style.

Will I get seasick?2024-04-18T16:12:35+00:00

The chances that you will get seasick are slim to none! Many are surprised to hear this; however, catamarans are known for their stability! The two hulls are 32 feet apart, giving the base of the boat added stability and designed to slice through waves, rather than bouncing over them like most sailboats. Therefore, your experience aboard will be smooth, stable, and comfortable! In fact, the Aolani is constantly thanked after the charter for having renewed our guests’ confidence in boating.

Finally, because the Aolani exclusively offers San Diego catamaran charters, in the event that you need us to turn around from going into the ocean, we will do so right away!

Are meals or refreshments provided during the day cruises?2024-03-13T15:51:49+00:00

Yes, we offer various catering options for our day cruises, including snacks, beverages, and even full meals, depending on the tour you choose. You can also bring your own food and drinks if you prefer.

Do You Offer Military Discounts?2024-03-26T18:39:32+00:00

Yes, contact us today to discuss your military event requirements and take advantage of our special military discount. Our team will work with you to create an unforgettable experience that pays tribute to our military community.

When is the best time to embark on a whale watching tour with Aolani?2024-03-18T13:30:34+00:00

While the peak season for blue whale watching in San Diego typically spans from November through April, guests can enjoy our marine life tours year-round thanks to the region’s favorable weather conditions. Whether you’re planning a family outing, corporate event, or educational excursion, Aolani’s whale watching tours offer an exciting and educational experience for all ages.

Where is the Aolani located for bachelorette parties and weddings?2024-03-12T18:22:27+00:00

The Aolani is conveniently located on Harbor Island, just across from the airport, making it easy to access for your bachelorette party or wedding. Situated only a few miles from downtown San Diego and popular hotel destinations, our location ensures convenience for you and your guests.

Can I customize my wedding experience on the Aolani?2024-03-12T18:22:05+00:00

Absolutely! Our crew can help you plan an unforgettable luxury yacht wedding with nearly any backdrop you choose. Whether you prefer a sparkling evening on the bay near the downtown skyline or a romantic getaway to Catalina Island, the possibilities are endless.

What types of military events can be celebrated aboard Aolani Catamaran?2024-03-26T18:38:28+00:00

Aolani Catamaran offers a picturesque backdrop for various military events / celebrations, from intimate gatherings to large-scale celebrations for a promotion, graduation, memorable tribute, etc. With stunning views of the San Diego Bay and the impressive Naval Base, our spacious catamaran provides the perfect setting to honor our military heritage. If there is a unique celebration in mind, please contact us to make it happen.

What can I expect to see during a day cruise in San Diego?2024-03-13T15:37:34+00:00

During our day cruises in San Diego, you can expect to see a variety of iconic landmarks such as the San Diego skyline, Coronado Bridge, USS Midway, and Seaport Village. You may also encounter wildlife such as dolphins, sea lions, and various bird species along the way.

What amenities are available onboard for corporate events?2024-03-12T17:55:29+00:00

Our catamaran features elegantly designed interiors equipped with multiple flat-screen TVs with Bose surround sound for presentations and entertainment. Additionally, our spacious interior provides ample seating for up to 35 guests on the deck and 30 guests inside the salon, offering 360-degree panoramic views for an immersive experience.

Can I host my bachelorette party or engagement party on the Aolani?2024-03-12T18:20:37+00:00

Absolutely! The Aolani offers a picturesque and unforgettable venue for your San Diego bachelorette party, engagement party, or luxury wedding. With stunning views of the San Diego Bay and luxurious accommodations, our catamaran sailboat sets the perfect scene for your special celebration.

How many guests can the Aolani accommodate for a bachelorette party or wedding?2024-03-12T18:21:02+00:00

Our catamaran can comfortably accommodate up to 48 guests, providing ample space for you and your closest family and friends to celebrate your special day on the open sea. Plus, we can add an additional catamaran to accommodate up to 96 guests for larger gatherings.

How does Aolani Catamaran honor military service in San Diego?2024-03-26T18:33:59+00:00

At Aolani Catamaran, we deeply value and honor the service and sacrifice of our military community in San Diego. We offer a unique venue aboard our catamaran to commemorate the achievements and milestones of our brave service members.

How does Aolani ensure a memorable and successful whale watching experience?2024-03-18T13:29:28+00:00

Aolani’s catamaran sailboat is equipped with powerful twin turbo diesel engines, allowing us to swiftly navigate to prime whale watching locations, maximizing the chances of sightings. Our knowledgeable guides are well-versed in the behavior and habitat of marine life, providing insightful commentary throughout the tour to enhance your understanding and appreciation of these magnificent creatures.

How can I book a day cruise in San Diego with Aolani?2024-03-13T15:41:29+00:00

Booking a day cruise with Aolani is easy! Simply click on a Book Now button on our website or contact our customer service team to explore our cruise options, check availability, and make a reservation. We’re here to help you plan the perfect day cruise experience in San Diego.

Is this a child-friendly experience?2024-04-18T16:11:32+00:00

Absolutely! First, we are certified by the Coast Guard, have plenty of life jackets on board for every age, and have netting all around the Aolani, ensuring that your child is in a stable and safe environment. Additionally, we offer a variety of entertaining sailing tours, whether it be for whale watching in San Diego or simply taking in the sights! However, we would request that if your child is an infant to please hold them.

Can you provide catering services for our corporate event?2024-03-12T18:17:18+00:00

Yes, we offer catering services to enhance your corporate event experience. Whether you prefer a formal board meeting presentation or a casual karaoke celebration, our catering options can be tailored to suit your taste and preferences.

Is there a possibility to see whales during the day cruises?2024-03-13T15:59:53+00:00

Whale sightings are possible during certain times of the year, typically from December through March, as California Gray Whales, Humpbacks, and Blue Whales migrate along the coast. However, whale sightings are not guaranteed and depend on factors such as weather conditions and whale migration patterns.

How does chartering a catamaran work?2024-04-18T16:10:09+00:00

We only rent out our catamaran for private charters. We have a 2-hour minimum to rent out the catamaran and a 3-hour minimum for Weddings. You let us know what date you are interested in, and we let you know if we have availability for your San Diego day cruise!

What types of marine life can we expect to see on the whale watching tour with Aolani?2024-03-18T13:29:02+00:00

On our whale watching tours, guests have the opportunity to encounter a variety of marine creatures, including majestic whales such as finback, humpback, blue, and gray whales, as well as playful dolphins, charming sea lions, and various other fascinating marine species native to the San Diego area.

Where is the Aolani located for corporate events?2024-03-12T17:56:17+00:00

The Aolani is conveniently docked on Harbor Island, just across from the airport. It’s only a couple of miles from downtown San Diego and about five miles from popular hotel destinations like Mission Bay and Hotel Circle in Mission Valley, ensuring easy accessibility for your corporate gathering.

What amenities are available onboard for bachelorette parties and weddings?2024-03-12T18:21:39+00:00

The Aolani offers luxurious features you won’t find anywhere else, including an expansive sundeck for photo shoots and relaxing with friends and family, as well as a posh cabin for enjoying food and drinks. Our wedding coordinator can assist with all the planning details, including catering, decorations, and more.

What if it rains?2024-04-18T16:11:07+00:00

We go sailing rain or shine unless the winds are so strong that it is unsafe (which is extremely rare in San Diego). We have a covered interior space with room for all passengers to be indoors, as well as jackets and blankets for our passengers’ comfort.

What sets Aolani’s whale watching tours apart from other operators in San Diego?2024-03-18T13:29:55+00:00

At Aolani, we prioritize providing guests with an intimate and personalized experience. Our catamaran sailboat offers a stable, safe, and smooth ride, ensuring comfort for all passengers, even those prone to seasickness. Additionally, our commitment to customer satisfaction means we go the extra mile to create unforgettable memories, offering luxurious accommodations, expert customer service, and delicious onboard catering.

Do you have lifejackets/blankets/jackets onboard?2024-04-18T16:11:53+00:00

We have all of the above! We have life jackets for every passenger for every age. We also have blankets and jackets onboard at all times for our guests, ensuring that your sailing tour in San Diego is as comfortable as possible.

Can I customize the corporate event experience on the Aolani?2024-03-12T17:54:41+00:00

Absolutely! We offer a range of customizable options to tailor your corporate event to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prefer high-tech presentations or engaging team-building exercises, we can accommodate your requirements for an unforgettable experience on the water.

Can Aolani accommodate private groups or corporate parties for whale watching tours?2024-03-18T13:31:58+00:00

Absolutely! Aolani caters to both personal get-togethers and corporate events, offering customizable whale watching tours tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion with friends and family or hosting a team-building activity for your organization, our experienced crew is dedicated to ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all guests aboard our luxurious catamaran sailboat.

Why choose Aolani Catamaran for hosting military events in San Diego?2024-03-26T18:36:09+00:00

Located in San Diego, the premier homeport of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, Aolani Catamaran offers an exceptional venue for military events. Our catamaran provides breathtaking views and a memorable atmosphere to honor the service and sacrifice of our nation’s finest.

What is the maximum capacity?2024-04-18T16:10:45+00:00

The Coast Guard gives our catamaran in San Diego a maximum capacity of 48 guests. We have a Captain and crew onboard every sail, with room for up to 48 more passengers.

How long do the day cruises typically last?2024-05-26T16:24:44+00:00

The duration of our day cruises varies depending on the specific tour. Generally, our cruises range from half-day excursions exploring San Diego Harbor to full-day sails to destinations like Coronado Island.

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