It was Spring 2001 on the sunny shores of Waikiki Beach, Honolulu where Bruno Schwarz was on a family vacation enjoying the sunset sails and surf, when he decided to center his family business around a catamaran charter. “What do you think, should we start a catamaran charter in San Diego?” he asked his family. It was an easy decision. San Diego’s easy to please weather made the perfect location and the bayfront city eventually became home to Aolani, as it was home to Bruno and his family. Bruno soon recruited expert catamaran designer Kurt Hughes and Aolani was born, a gorgeous 58-foot Sunchaser American catamaran. Aolani’s name came from a Hawaiian baby-names book. The name means “heavenly cloud” which seemed quite appropriate, seeing as that is what it feels like when you are sailing on her. The Aolani is proud to be San Diego’s original catamaran charter boat. Not only that, but family owned and operated. Bruno’s daughters, Lindsay Maphet and Shannon Lap, remain actively involved in the company today. Operating as the only San Diego boat charter that can comfortably fit 48 passengers on the outer deck or in its spacious salon interior, it is ideal for party hosting no matter the weather. Since their humble beginnings hosting football fans watching Super Bowl XXXVII on their maiden voyage, Bruno and his family have gone on to sail with 75% of all Fortune 500 companies, a remarkable and unparalleled achievement in the boat charter industry. Because we are family owned, our crew is like family to us, too, and we think that after you experience one of our custom cruises, you will feel like you are part of the family too. We can’t wait to meet you.