Whale & Dolphin Watching Adventure

Whale Watching and Dolphin Watching in San Diego

Want to go whale watching? San Diego is the best place to go. With warm water and a lovely coastline of beaches, there are many places to take in the wonder of migrating Gray whales, common dolphin, and even blue whales, the largest mammal on earth.

Whale Watching season in San Diego runs from November-April; however common dolphin, sea lions, and blue whales can be found year round.

The Aolani offers whale watching when the whales make their way south, through San Diego to Mexico. On our charter, you are sure to have the time of your life seeing some of nature’s most peaceful creatures. Whale watching in San Diego is a popular attraction for both locals and visitors, as each experience offers some unforgettable sights. On our special tour, we will take you all along the coast, letting you get as close as possible.

What you get on Aolani – San Diego’s Premier Whale Watching Cruise:

  • Get to the ocean at least twice as fast as any other sailboat
  • When you get to the whales we turn off the engines and will only sail so that we don’t chase the whales away like powerboats do!
  • Because you are going on a catamaran, rocking and rolling will be minimized by the stable platform and you will feel safe at all times

San Diego whale watching season extends from Mid December to March, but the best time to see them is in Mid January. San Diego whale watching offers some of the best whale watching in all of Southern California. The California Gray Whale migrates from the Arctic down to Baja to feed and give birth to their young. As they make their trek down the coast, you can take advantage of their time in San Diego. Whale watching in San Diego, California is like no other. With places like Point Loma and our scenic bays, you can go to any number of locations to see the whales.

Throughout the year, you can also take advantage of seeing other types of whales like Blue Whales and Finback whales. You might even be able to see pods of dolphins, sharks, seals, and other marine life. On the Aolani, the San Diego nature tours take you closer than any other tour. Why stand on the coast looking through binoculars when you can be within picture range of the creatures themselves?

The Aolani is a favorite San Diego whale watching cruise. It can get to and from the ocean faster than any other sailboat. Once we reach the whales, we turn our engines off and sail through the areas so as not to frighten the whales. We ensure your safety as well as the whales, so that everyone can enjoy their time, and the whales can go about their route. Take advantage of San Diego whale watching and have the time of your life.

Come join us as we go whale watching! It’s an exciting adventure, and something you will never forget.

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